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TYPO3 9.5 LTS: Site Management

A new main module "Site Management" has been introduced. Configurations are stored in a YAML file under typo3conf/sites/.

The first two default components are:

  • Sites
  • Redirects

Extensions can add further sub-modules as required.

TYPO3 9.5 backend: Site Management


The main purpose is to store settings related to the configuration of a site, e.g. languages, domains, routing, error handling, etc.

Typo3 9 Sites


The Redirects module allows integrators and editors to configure redirects.
The target can be a page, an external URL, a file, etc.

Typo3 9 Redirects: správa presmerovaní

Site Configuration in TypoScript

Site configuration can be accessed via getText property in TypoScript:

page.10 = TEXT
page.10.data = site:base
page.10.wrap = The base URL is: |

page.20 = TEXT
page.20.data = site:customConfigKey.nested.value
page.20.wrap = The nested value is: |

[site("identifier") == "someIdentifier"]
page.30.value = foo

[siteLanguage("locale") == "sk_SK.UTF-8"]
page.40.value = bar