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TYPO3 9.4. The latest version before the big final

One small step for a Sprint Release, but one giant leap towards the new LTS version! Today, we are excited to announce the release of TYPO3 version 9.4, which is the last planned Sprint Release before the Long Term Support (LTS) release.

Page-based URL Handling

Third-party extensions like RealURL, CoolURI and SimulateStatic convert an URI such as “index.php?id=123” to a human-readable URI, typically based on the page title, for example “/team/about-us”. We plan to let the TYPO3 core handle this feature and to eliminate some disadvantages which cannot be tackled by extensions. Page records in TYPO3 now have a field called “URL Segment” now, which contains the website frontend path to the page.

Page-based URL Handling pic 1

Page-based URL Handling pic 2

Page-based URL Handling pic 3

Admin Panel

With the new version 9.4, the Admin Panel has now received a complete overhaul regarding its design as well as the underlying code and architecture. The most important details of the system are shown at a quick glance with the option to show extended information as required. Ajax requests are used to store updated configuration options, which results in a modern, smooth usability. On top of that all, the Admin Panel has never been as flexible and extensible before. Extension authors can write their own modules or add submodules to existing modules to their heart’s content.

Admin panel pic 1

Admin panel pic 2

Admin panel pic 3

TYPO3 without a Database Server

TYPO3 now supports “SQLite” and offers users the choice of this DBMS during the web-based installation process. Supporting SQLite makes perfect sense for relatively small TYPO3 sites or for test and development instances for example. The database is stored in a single file and TYPO3 does not require any external services.

Relevant Site Languages

One niggling problem in previous versions of TYPO3 was that all of the languages, which were configured in the installation, were also visible and selectable by backend users. However, it is quite a common scenario, that not all languages should be available, e.g. because they are not ready for production yet. The list of languages in the backend of TYPO3 version 9.4 is now restricted to the languages defined in the site module (under “Site Management”).

Relevant Site Languages pic 1

Relevant Site Languages pic 2

Conditional Variants for Form Elements

Form extension received another magnificent new feature with version 9.4: conditional variants. Variants can contain conditions and allow changing properties of a form element. This way, it becomes possible to manipulate form element values, validator and finisher options, etc. based on conditions.

Toggle Core Features

The backend module “Admin tools - Settings” has be extended by a new function “Feature Toggles”, which allows users to enable and disable core features. By using this function, TYPO3 integrators and site administrators have full control, if and when to switch to a new feature.

Toggle Core Features

As we mentioned in the introduction, TYPO3 9.4 is the latest version before the final LTS version. We will inform you about the details. Do not miss it.

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