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TYPO3 9 launched

TYPO3 v9.0.0

The waiting has come to an end! Today, the TYPO3 Community proudly presents the first version of the v9 branch.

So what can we look forward to?

System Maintenance area

The well-known “Install Tool” represents an important component in every TYPO3 instance. Every integrator and developer knows, that it provides much more than some functions to install TYPO3. It is also used to configure TYPO3, run system and environment checks, test the setup and even update the instance to a new core version with a click of a button. Therefore, “Install Tool” is not the right terminology and the component deserves a new name as a logical consequence: System Maintenance Area.

Besides an improved look and feel, which integrates the System Maintenance Area smoothly into the backend of TYPO3, it is split into four modules: “Maintenance”, “Settings”, “Upgrade” and “Environment”. As a result, users will find the desired functions more quickly.

Extension Scanner

One of the challenges in every major TYPO3 upgrade is the fact that the new version may contain breaking changes. The new Extension Scanner, which is already part of the System Maintenance Area in TYPO3 v9, provides a detailed overview of what needs to be done to accomplish a successful migration to the next version of TYPO3.

Extension Scanner

New Page Tree

We are proud to present a re-worked page tree in the backend of TYPO3 v9, which is based on SVGs and features superfast rendering times. Moreover, the new page tree enables us to finally remove ExtJS from TYPO3 completely.

New Page Tree

Creating New Content Elements

Editor and integrators will experience that modal boxes will appear more often in the backend of TYPO3. A first step in this direction has been made by moving the wizard for the creation of new content elements into such a box. This helps users not to loose the focus of the context where new content is created.

Creating New Content Elements

Translated Pages

When it comes to language handling, one of the biggest obstacles in TYPO3 was the way page translations were handled. This has been improved in TYPO3 v9 by having page translations handled the same way as other records. From a technical point of view, this means, the database table “pages_language_overlay” became irrelevant and is not required anymore, as all data is stored in the main “pages” table.


All logging of TYPO3 runs through the PSR-3 standard we had in place since TYPO3 6.2, but is now 100% in use.

Improvements for Editors

Content elements, which are not assigned to any column are shown in an additional column named “Unused” at the end of the page. This makes sure, that these elements do not get lost when switching from one backend layout to another with different columns.

Unused content elements

The view module received a modern and streamlined look and feel in TYPO3 v9. The introduction of named and categorized device presets makes it even easier for editors to view a page and to get a better idea of what the page looks like on a specific device.

Redesigned view module

Composer Improvements

You can now install only the packages you actually use and all TYPO3 system extensions are available separately on packagist. The benefits are clear: only extensions you really need are installed on the server.

TYPO3 version 9.0 is just the first step of presumably five sprint releases on the road to the next long term support release TYPO3 v9 LTS. If everything goes as planned, these two exciting features (and likely some more) will be ready in TYPO3 version 9.1 (January 2018). TYPO3 v9 LTS release is scheduled for early October 2018.

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