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The new frontend editing for TYPO3

The new frontend editing for TYPO3

Frontend Editing a.k.a Backend-less work for editors has been a long awaited feature for TYPO3.

For us as TYPO3 Core team, Frontend Editing plays an important part for the ease-of-use for TYPO3. A lot of recent changes are related to the handling of translations and cleaning up the configuration of the Rich Text Editor, which eventually lead to the integration of CKEditor as new default Rich Text Editor for new TYPO3 sites.

One of the key features of CKEditor is the so-called inline mode, which acts as a real WYSIWYG editor, to be used in the new Frontend Editing extension developed by Pixelant.

CKEditor - frontend editing

The original plan of the TYPO3 Core team was to integrate this next generation of Frontend Editing into TYPO3 v8 LTS. The groundwork is there now, but including Frontend Editing in its current state into the TYPO3 Core was simply too late for v8.

That’s why we (Core Team and Pixelant) decided to continue developing the Frontend Editing extension on the GitHub repository for now. Feel free to try out the extension, with the basic inline editing functionality together with TYPO3 v8 master, give feedback on GitHub and join the development.

More about CKEditor can be found on ckeditor.com.

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