TYPO3 Agency - coding, design and website development

Advantages of CMS Typo3

  • Safety

    verified system that is always up-to-date

  • Flexibility

    this system is always opened for new functions and possibilities

  • Grandiosity

    TYPO3 can handle thousands of articles, videos, and other content

  • Stability

    one of the large system that can handle thousands of articles, videos, and other content

  • Availability of many modules

    blogs, e-Shop, e-Commerce, online purchases, AJAX (drag and drop), SEO optimization, statistics, discussions, chat, newsletters, registrations of potential customers, photo galleries, video presentations, forms, and many more

  • Connectivity

    possibility to integrate with any system with all sorts of platforms - ERP systems or modules, reservation systems, analytical software, accounting and many other

Technological advantages of CMS TYPO3

  • utilization of SEO URL addresses
  • flexible open source based on PHP and MySQL
  • separation of content and layout, valid XHTML/CSS code
  • extension framework used to extend the website (Extension Manager)
  • extensions repository that contains many extensions from the community
  • advanced possibilities of caching and options for manual refresh and static page generation
  • simple site structure that allows you to categorize the website into pages and folders
  • WYSIWYG editing (Rich Text Editor)
  • image editing that is using tools for resizing, cropping, and more
  • AJAX drag & drop editing
  • built-in search tools
  • frontend editing
  • permissions of every user or usergroup
  • mode for people who do not see well (high contrast or bigger font)
  • TYPO3 can be connected with e-commerce software called Magento