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Why TYPO3?

CMS (content management system) is easy to use because of its interface. You can edit your website without knowing HTML or CSS programming. Of course, there are many content management systems, but we love using TYPO3 because we can:

  • use templates that easily simplify your daily workflow with TYPO3
  • organize your website into pages and folders
  • manage many sites with more than 30 languages
  • control the permission of users
  • use advanced tools that are part of the system
  • edit content in the backend and then see the results in the frontend
  • use build-in search
  • extend your website with extensions that are supported by communities that consist of many professionals


TYPO3 is the best application for building dynamic web pages while retaining simplicity and transparency of using it. It is valued by end users who do not have any technical training. TYPO3 gained the 5 stars award “The best open system for a content management” from .NET magazine.

TYPO3 target group

TYPO3 is suitable for various types of web solutions and applications. It is the system that is easy to use for small as well as complex websites and e-shops. But TYPO3 is primarily used by large companies because:

automation of business processes

The advantage of CMS TYPO3 is the automation of business processes. The process can be annotated, changed, or modified by different people in the company.

Business processes
Archiving documents

archiving documents

TYPO3 is often used as a tool for archiving documents (images, videos, and blogs). This tool is used by media companies and publishers.

corporate communications

All major international companies are using TYPO3 in order to report their corporate communications. The Content Management System allows companies to find lost documents on the server quickly and easily.

Corporate communication

So if you plan to launch a larger website with more features, such as video, social communication, or portal with a lot of content, TYPO3 is the system for you.

TYPO3 can be also used for a small portal because there is a possibility to extend the existing system.

typo3 and industries

TYPO3 and industries

Key functions of TYPO3

  • intuitive and easy to use in any type of browser
  • transparent structure and content of a site, comfortable creation of language versions
  • permission control (editor, administrator), user groups, integrated tools for teamwork and workflow
  • editing content directly on the site, while keeping history of changes
  • easy work with images without using a graphical editor


These benefits get you into a position where your website will never get old and it can keep up with the trend which is changing really fast.

Google Summer of Code 2013

a global program that offers students to write a code for open source projects – TYPO3 was included in the list of organizations that were accepted into Google Summer of Code 2013


TYPO3 at CeBIT 2013

TYPO3 with other similar open source systems were presented at CeBIT 2013 (March 5-9, 2013 Hannover, Germany)


TYPO3 congress for German universities

about 60 participants from 38 universities were discussing about TYPO3 in Hannover, Germany (November 21-22, 2012)

TYPO3 in numbers

  • 9,479,000+ downloads from the website Sourceforge.net
  • 500,000+ websites using TYPO3 system
  • 79,000+ developers are involved in the formation TYPO3
  • 1,790+ extensions
  • 51 language localizations
  • 1,647+ consultants worldwide
  • 9,998+ functions in the TYPO3 package