TYPO3 Agency - coding, design and website development

programming languagePHPPHPPHPPHP
operating systemindependentindependentindependentindependent
licenseopen sourceopen sourceopen sourceopen source
application serverApacheApacheCGI-
content approvalyesyesyesyes
audit trailyesyesnolimited
login historyyesyesyesfree add on
SSL compatibleyesyesyesyes
email verificationyesyesyesyes
commercial supportyesyesyesyes
verejné fórumyesyesyesyes
komerčné manuályyesyesyesyes
online pomocyesyesyesyes
profesionálny servisyesyesyesyes
certifikačný programyeslimitednolimited
EASE OF USETYPO3DrupalJoomla!Wordpress
UI levelsyesyesyesyes
template languageyesyesyesno
WYSIWYG editoryesfree add onyesyes
drag-n-drop controlfree add onfree add onnoyes
image resizingyesfree add onyesyes
mass uploadyesfree add onyesyes
style wizardyeslimitednono
site setup wizardfree add onlimitednono
online administrationyesyesyesyes
web-based translation managementyesyesfree add onlimited
content schedulingyesfree add onyeslimited
advertising managementfree add onfree add onyesno
web statisticsfree add onyesyesfree add on
blogfree add onyesyesyes
photo galleryfree add onfree add onfree add onyes
FAQ managementfree add onyesyesfree add on
mail formyesfree add onyesfree add on
guest bookfree add onfree add onfree add onfree add on
help deskfree add onfree add onfree add onfree add on

websites for enterprisessocial community softwaresmall to medium-sized companiesweblog blogging system
multi-domain capacities under one roofsimple web content managementnot possible to install several different websites under one roofno support for multi-domain (need for further version – Wordpress MU)
main functions and features already includedOut-Of-The-Box solutionssome of the extensions must be installed as packetextensions must be installed
professional help is NOT neededprofessional help is neededprofessional help is NOT neededit has to be upgraded in order to reach CMS functionality
many possible extensionsnon-interchangeable extensionsmany possible extensions but they must be activatedavailable only plug-ins; most of them are not optimized
it is supported by developerssometimes it is not supported by developersbig support from communityit is supported by community