TYPO3 Agency - coding, design and website development

What connects us

At the moment millions of people are connected to one thing – the Internet. This worldwide phenomenon and brilliant coincidence joined us as well – we are people who are fascinated by the Internet and unlimited possibilities of the virtual environment. Since 2006 we have been focused on the Internet, online marketing, and design. We have created web applications and websites which have increased the circle of our satisfied clients for more than a decade.


Each of us has an unlimited power, but only as a team we can make the impossible possible.

The beauty of the Internet is that it connects us. People enjoy and use it for work and help. We got the opportunity to experience this magnificence and we became the creative part of it; therefore:

  • we are working with clients who have a clear vision
  • their dreams are spectacular and courageous
  • our common outcome will bring satisfaction to the client, to us, but mostly to Internet users

We serve by creating and we create by service.

We primarily use TYPO3 for grandiose plans of our clients. TYPO3 content management system combines a number of functionalities and it is famous for robustness; therefore, it is possible to implement any project.

We are interconnected, so that we can transform the Internet for human needs.

Did you know?

  • we were founded in 2006 but we have acquired our expertise for more than a decade
  • we are a member of the BSP, which is providing IT technology since 1992
  • BSP building in which we are working got “Building of the Year 2012” award for science and technology implemented in a construction work
  • we are the first company in Slovakia that became a silver member of the TYPO3 Association
  • we are the only silver member of the TYPO3 Association in Slovakia