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Silver Membership of the TYPO3 Association

BSP Magnetica is a silver member of the TYPO3 Association. We are one of the first companies in Slovakia that have developed various projects based on this system since 2006. We have worked on major projects built primarily on the TYPO3 system. These projects were done not only for clients in Slovakia, but also for international clients in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.

We are one of the largest companies using CMS TYPO3 in Slovakia; therefore, it is natural for us to support the community and the TYPO3 Association.

Thanks to our silver membership we can:

  • support TYPO3 community which brings developers from around the world together
  • contribute to further development of TYPO3
  • help TYPO3 to become the most successful Enterprise CMS on the market

Our membership in the TYPO3 Association is an expression for current and future clients to guarantee that BSP Magnetica is a reliable partner for the implementation of applications based on CMS TYPO3.

What is the TYPO3 Association

  • a non-profit organization
  • founded by Kasper Skårhøj and other long-term contributors
  • goal is to support the development of TYPO3
  • purpose is to educate and inform members
  • objective is to spread and study TYPO3