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How we work


Scrum is an agile methodology (a framework for managing a process) that is most commonly used in software development. Our goal is to understand the customer and the product itself. The whole project is implemented in the shortest possible time – it usually takes about two weeks.

The main aim is to offer partial results for the client. The client can also add his suggestions and comments.

At the beginning the client delivers (or we can work with him) a complete specification. The Scrum process progresses via series of iterations called sprints. Team members create a sprint backlog - a list of the tasks to perform during the sprint.

For example, when programming e-Shop we could divide it into the following sections:

  • registration (registration form, enrolment to DB)
  • log in (application form, authentication, sending a new password)
  • administration of products (product list, inserting, editing)
  • a list of products and product details on the FE
  • shopping cart (selection/rejection of products, price conversion)
  • checkout process, filling personal data, choice of transportation
  • implementation of payment methods, CardPay, PayPal

Individual backlogs are timeboxed and then are assigned to programmers who will work on the project.


How we work - Scrum process

Morning meeting

Morning meeting

In Scrum, everyone is needed to take an action. Every member is asked following questions:

  • What did you do previous day ?
  • What will you do next day ?
  • What are the possible problems that can threaten the timetable ?

Morning meetings take no more than 15 minutes. If someone has a problem, it is solved directly in the workplace.

PM 24/7

PM 24/7

During the life cycle of the project the client has available one man with whom he can continuously communicate (PM).
After the completion of the project, the client has the option for an exclusive support.

Client´s active inputs

We work with systems like Mantis, JIRA, Todo, and Dropbox which help us to manage specific tasks. During every project the client is actively involved in the whole process by adding his comments which are discussed by our team members and then implemented into the project.

Automated testing

Our projects go through automated tests. For testing we use tools such as Selenium and PHPUnit.

Version control system

We use a code revision system called GIT. GIT is a free and open source distributed version control system.
During the development of the project we can always get the required version of the project and return unwanted changes to its original state. It is a great tool to quickly identify changes between individual versions.

Development - We primarily work with

TYPO3, extbase, fluid, flow, doctrine, symfony, nette, CodeIgniter, Magento, php, mysql, git, svn, html5, css3, sass, less, js, ajax, jquery, bootstrap, foundation, phpunit, selenium, jenkins, solr apache, soap, ssl, memcache

Responsive design

We try to keep all our projects are viewable on different devices – smartphone, tablet, or computer; therefore, responsive design is used in all projects.

Responsive design


The part of each project is the Google Analytics implementation which can evaluate the success of the project and propose solutions.

We offer quality SEO services which require a monthly fee. The client gets different statistics, the analysis of positive and negative factors that can affect traffic and the average time someone stayed on his site.

Our draft is submitted to the client and we implement it by mutual agreement.

Search engine optimalization process

Google Adwords

  • At the beginning we create keyword analysis for the product/service
  • After the consultation with the client and primary analysis, we design a strategy
  • We select the most appropriate keywords according to the strategy
  • We set parameters for advertising (type of country, people, pages, and devices; the amount per click ... )
  • We create the appropriate text that is relevant with the landing page
  • We constantly perform analysis and if there is a need we adjust the ad
  • Regular statistics are always ready for the client